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2019 – The Year Of The Pig

2019 Chinese Star Sign Pig

2019 is the Year of the Pig, and to be more specific the year of the Earth Pig – something that only happens every 60 years. 

People born in the Year of the Pig tend to be diligent, compassionate and generous, they are logical thinkers that set goals with intent!

In Western culture, New Year’s resolutions are usually based around diet and exercise, whereby Eastern culture focuses on you as a whole – body, mind and spirit.  The tradition of seeing New Years as an opportunity to start afresh or with a clean slate, is the same in either culture with both believing you should start the new year with intent and purpose and a hope for a better year!

Chinese New Year for 2019 is on the 5th February with the date changing each year all based on lunar cycles. On New Year’s eve, to ‘attract’ good luck and eliminate misfortune, the house is cleaned and decorated with red, yellow or orange.  It is tradition to wear something new and always something red – Kelly recommends red underwear, but any item of clothing will work ? – and you need to carry 6 or 9 golden coins in your pocket or in a wallet. 

Whilst tradition, even in China, is changing, most people still take the time to celebrate the New Year with friends and family giving gifts of money in red envelopes and well wishes of health and prosperity for the coming year.

Traditional Oriental medicine is about balance – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  At Ondol Clinic we use acupuncture, Chinese herbs and massage to address many things.  From gut health, detoxification, stress, pain and weight management through to insomnia, depression, infertility and anxiety just to name a few. 

With Chinese New Year’s just around the corner, now is the time to think about how you can seek to find balance this year. 

There are small things you can change straight away, others may take a little convincing or a nudge in the right direction.  Either way, make a commitment to embrace 2019 The Year of the Pig and look at alternatives to finding your balance! Begin as you wish to continue…

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