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Did You Know That Children Can Have Acupuncture Too?

At our clinic, we practice ‘Shonishin‘, a soft, non-insertion style of acupuncture, developed in Japan several hundred years ago. It was specifically used for the treatment of children but also the elderly, chronically ill and sensitive patients. Shonishin is an effective way to keep your child healthy and balanced. 

At Ondol Clinic, we have been practising Oriental medicine for over 20 years. 

Japanese acupuncture is a gentle form of acupuncture applied to balance energy (Qi) and Blood in your body. The practitioners use a whole set of palpation skills and various tools to guide them in their treatments. Great care is always taken to create a pleasant and relaxing experience for the patient.

Chinese herbal medicine forms an essential adjunction to acupuncture and Oriental dietetics. Many herbal formulas have withstood time and have shown to be of great clinical support to contemporary diseases and imbalances.

At our clinic, we use granulated dried extracts, organic raw herb powders, as well as concentrated pills and capsules to accommodate patients’ needs. All our herbs undergo stringent laboratory and legislative requirements for highest safety, quality and effectiveness. 

Remedial massage therapy provides a valuable adjunction to what we offer in our clinic. Particularly, Myotherapy proves to be helpful for muscular-skeletal problems. It treats or prevents soft tissue pain and restricted joint movement caused by muscle or myofascial dysfunction. At Ondol clinic, we have a particular interest in combining Oriental massage techniques, with myofascial release and other forms of massage techniques to address the body’s needs to repair as well as to restore functional integrity and adapt back to optimal health.

For further questions regarding your specific health concern, please contact us directly.

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