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Stress Management: Musculoskeletal Pain​

musculoskeletal pain

One of the main symptoms of stress in our lives and one that most of us will experience at some time is musculoskeletal pain. Ever noticed that feeling you get when you’re under pressure and your shoulders start creeping up towards your ears? Your neck starts to ache, you become stiff, tight, and lethargic, and you start to feel OLD! Is it any surprise that you may be experiencing this tension because of increased stress in your life?

As mentioned in our overview article, in Oriental medicine the Liver energy is particularly affected by stresses in our environment and this can be expressed in the body in a number of ways. The Liver is in charge of the tendons, sinews and connective tissues in the body, and responsible for the smooth movement of Qi, Blood and our Emotions. When there is a disturbance of Qi circulation through stress, the tendons and connective tissues will not be adequately nourished and our emotions can become stuck giving rise to frustration and irritability or anger. Over time, as these stress factors continue to impact on the Liver energy, circulation becomes increasingly restricted, our tendons and connective tissues become undernourished and we start to tighten up mentally and physically more and more.

​The Oriental medical concept of Liver energy function can be linked to the Western medical model of correlating high stress levels with increased amounts of cortisol circulating in the body. Chronically elevated cortisol levels can induce chronic inflammatory processes including musculoskeletal pain, tension and joint pathologies to name a few.

Our practitioners at Ondol are highly skilled and experienced in treating stress conditions manifesting in musculoskeletal pain issues.

They will help to implement treatment strategies to bring you back into a relaxed and more supple state of being.

Below, Jim provides practical tips to manage the effects of stress in your body through these two short videos.

Video 1: In this first video, Jim demonstrates a series of exercises to stretch the Gallbladder meridian in order to reduce stress in the body. ​

Video 2: ​Here Jim takes viewers through a series of stretches to open up the Liver energy and manage stress in the body.

Oriental medicine offers a great range of options to help harmonise the imbalances of the Liver energy on a physical and mental level. Acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, shiatsu, Tui Na, sotai as well as Oriental herbal medicine are all very efficient modalities to reduce tension and remove the negative effects of stress. They help to improve ‘the flow of Liver energy’ and thus bring increased flexibility and vitality back into our bodies.

For Stress Management Solutions in Brisbane, make an acupuncture appointment today.


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