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Ondol News – March

What an amazing seminar Kelly and Hae-Uk attended last week! The final module of four-years training finished with a bang. It was an ambitious project of their Japanese teacher, Shimamura sensei, to treat as many people as possible to consolidate all their skills and knowledge over the past years.  Part of the learning process was …

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Japanese Acupunture training

Completion of Advanced Methods of Nagano Style Japanese Acupuncture from the 20th – 24th February

This February will be an exciting time at Ondol Clinic. Our acupuncture teacher/master from Japan, Tsuyoshi Shimamura Sensei and his fabulous translator, Seishiro Hokazano, will conduct this last training module of our 4-year postgraduate training program in Nagano style acupuncture, here in Brisbane. The goal is very ambitious, with over 400 clients from all over …

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November News With Kelly

Hippocrates said ‘Healing is a matter of time, but is sometimes also a matter of opportunity’. Last week Kelly had the opportunity to spend 6 days in (cold) Melbourne studying AiM (Anatomy in Motion) with Gary Ward from the UK. The seminar brought a diverse range of practitioners from all over Australia together. Amongst them …

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November Cyberscan Seminar

At the beginning of November Hae-Uk attended a CyberScan seminar with the inventor of the biofeedback device, Dieter Kehren from Germany. Lots of new topics were discussed with new updates in the software and database of the comprehensive device. The new treatment options, centred around the recently developed electromagnetic card (EE card Plus), were discussed. …

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November News – Hae-Uk’s Adventure!

Hae-Uk went on a great adventure in October and attended a week long meditation retreat on the Sunshine Coast. It was conducted by renowned Dr. Joe Dispenza, a researcher in neuroscience and cellular biology, and international lecturer and meditation teacher. 720 participants from all over the world came together to join forces in elevating their …

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October With Ondol

October has been a very busy month for Team Ondol! We have launched a new website! Thanks to our dedicated website builder, Damien Kloot from the company ‘We build Ideas’, we have now a very user friendly and pretty new design. It contains some modern additions like ‘online booking’ and ‘interactive patient form’ that will …

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Well Done Colleen!

Colleen, one of our treasured clients, brought in a few of her famous teddybears which she has been making and handing out to several children’s hospitals in Brisbane. Every year she produces by hand about 150 bears ( and some extras for our clinic) with the help of her dedicated team from the Bardon Lioness …

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Complimentary Health Assessment – 20 Minutes

Do you need a complimentary health assessment? Are you feeling tired, run down or just not quite right? Or maybe you want some health information but don’t know where to start? We can help you during an obligation free Health Assessment with one of our senior practitioners at Ondol Clinic. For further questions and information …

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Today We’re at NAC 2018

Today Kelly and Hae-Uk are attending NAC 2018 (The National Achievers Congress). This Congress is exclusive to Brisbane and takes place for the first time in 6 years. There will be an impressive lineup of motivational speakers including Naomi Simson, Turia Pitt and the world famous Tony Robbins to name a few. As Mahatma Gandhi …

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Our First Acupuncture Training for 2018

The new year started with a bang for us at Ondol Clinic. Last weekend we began our ongoing acupuncture training for 2018 and over the Christmas break the Ondol Clinic premises at 129 Sylvan Road, Toowong received a lovely fresh paint job. So now we are all ready to tackle this brand new year. Our …

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