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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is considered an essential part of East Asian medicine. It works in conjunction with acupuncture for the treatment of a wide range of imbalances and dysfunctions of the body and mind.

The Benefits of Chinese Herbs


Chinese herbal medicine draws on ancient practices of directly experiencing and testing plants in their healing and toxic properties. The earliest records of prepared herbal formulations are more than 2,000 years old.

Since the early nineteenth century, increasing attempts have been made to understand the properties of Eastern medicinal substances through scientific research.

Many herbal formulas have withstood time and have shown to be of great clinical support to contemporary diseases and imbalances. They provide an essential conjunction to acupuncture and East Asian dietetics.

The herbalist employs a broad range of formulas, each of which can be modified to fit a patient’s individual pattern of disharmony. After a diagnosis is formed via pulse and tongue analysis, a classical formula is selected as a foundation for the treatment and other herbs may be added specific to the individual’s complaint and constitution.

In our clinic we use granulated dried extracts, organic raw herb powders as well as concentrated pills and capsules to accommodate patients’ needs.



Quality And Standards Of Herbs We Use

Sometimes we receive questions about standards of purity in the production of formulas and single herbs. At our clinic we only use the best medicinals available. The ingredients for our prescribed formulas (Ko Da Pharmaceutical from Taiwan) undergo stringent laboratory and legislative requirements for highest safety, quality and effectiveness. Ko Da Pharmaceutical adheres to 16 meticulous inspection processes, which are conducted throughout its strict quality control processes from raw material to finished product. High-tech testing is applied, such as Gas Chromatography and Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometry to check for pesticides residues and heavy metals.

Our ground raw herbs and honey pills from the Australian company Empirical Health belong to one of the highest qualities in the world. They are tested for over 400 pesticides, residuals, heavy metals, aflatoxins and antibiotics through the company’s ‘Three Tier Testing’. The herbs are weekly handmade and hand powdered to assure the best quality available.

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