Disclaimer | Ondol Oriental Medicine Clinic - Brisbane


Ondol Oriental Medicine Clinic (“Ondol”):

  1. provides advice, recommendation, assistance and treatment of Japanese style acupuncture, including message (“the treatment”); and
  2. dispenses herbal medicines (“medicines”).

There should be no pain during treatment. All needles are disposable and single use. Most of the needle insertions are very shallow or even only touch the skin. Our Ondol techniques are gentle, subtle and relaxing. Occasionally, you may feel a sensation of heaviness, warmth, or tingling at the location of needling or along the meridian that is treated.

The treatments performed and the medicines dispensed by Ondol are all undertaken by a qualified and registered acupuncturist. Although uncommon, like all health care procedures and medicines, there are possible risks to you with treatment provided by Ondol. 

These possible risks may include:

  1. in a minority of cases the treatment provided or herbal medicines dispensed by Ondol may not be successful and you may remain in the same condition;
  2. you may experience haematoma, bruising, and tenderness after a treatment session;
  3. you may experience light-headiness and fatigue following a treatment session;
  4. minor burning may occur at the site of moxibustion (external herbal treatment);

You acknowledge that you have been advised of and understand the possible risk factors associated with treatment performed and medicines dispensed by Ondol and consent to treatment provided and medicines being dispenses by Ondol to you without liability on the part of Ondol.