Interview With The Ondol Clinic Team - End Of 2022

End Of 2022 Interview With The Ondol Clinic Team


The end of the year is always a good time to reflect on the year just gone by, consider what was good and challenging, and think ahead to the New Year. Bernie, our “behind the scenes” blog writer, talks about 2022 with our three acupuncturists, Kelly, Hae-Uk and Alice, our Qigong practitioner Amelia, and our receptionist Jana. 

Bernie: Well, it’s hard to believe we are almost at the end of another year. When you think back over the last 12 months, how would you describe 2022?

Kelly:  A challenging year, but I think challenging years are good years. It gets me out of my comfort zone & shows me my strengths & areas from which I can grow.

Jana: I would agree – It was challenging but generally good.

Hae-Uk:  For me, it was challenging with family matters. Business has been fluctuating due to Covid waves, but it has been good regarding our team – we all have worked well together.

Alice: 2022 was a transition year for me. I needed this year to be there and understand what I needed to put my focus and attention into. It’s been interesting because I feel like everything is getting started, but nothing is finished. Lots of things happened to me this year – some good, some bad.

Bernie: And Amelia – how was the year for you?

Amelia: I would say that 2022 has been a mixed bag but overall one of the best years of my life.  

Bernie: That’s great to hear. What made it such a good year for you?

Amelia: Sharing Qigong underneath the frangipani tree in Brisbane has been a highlight for me. I have learnt so much and met such lovely humans at Ondol.

Bernie: I love that frangipani tree! Kelly – what about you? What was a highlight for you?

Kelly: I would say the way everyone at the clinic supported each other & pulled together as a team. Also, seeing the borders open was so good. And, of course, having Jana back from Brazil and Natalia re-join us after having her baby.

Bernie: Jana, welcome back from Brazil! This must be a highlight for you?

Jana: Yes! I got back to Australia after being stuck overseas for two years because of the border closure. I have also secured a more permanent visa, which is a relief as I wish to stay in Australia.

Bernie: I think your Ondol Team wants you to stay in Australia too! Who else has a 2022 highlight to share?

Alice: I do! Getting engaged to my long-term partner was a complete surprise, but it made my year. Also, the experience of starting a diploma was stressful but also fantastic to be learning more.

Bernie:  Congratulations on your engagement! Very exciting. Hae-Uk, what about you? What was the highlight of the year for you?

Hae-Uk: The horse event was a highlight. Lots of fun, new experiences and good team building. I learned that trust and listening (listening to the horse in this case) are the most important aspects for a good team. 

Kelly: Well, that’s great, Hae-Uk is listening to the horses. Now I have to get her to listen to me! 

(Everyone laughs)

Hae-Uk: Also, Kelly and I are both undertaking exciting acupuncture training this year and next, which will propel us forward regarding better clinic results. It’s a new system and shows us how interesting and profound East Asian medicine really is.

Bernie: So those are some highlights. What were some low lights? Some challenges?

Jana:  I was at my limit before my visa was granted, mainly because I couldn’t work. Being back in Australia and back to my job feels amazing; I have a sense of normality again.

Bernie: That would have been so stressful, Jana! So challenging. 

Alice: For me, the biggest challenge was constantly being in motion. That was hard this year, and there was never really a chance to relax and find rhythm in what I was doing. It also became apparent that living overseas from family is really difficult even though the world ‘opened up’ this year. 

Amelia: Living away from family and friends was the biggest challenge for me too. 

Hae-Uk: Challenging for me was the general stress people are under, living with uncertainty. High numbers of stressed and anxious people came through the clinic. Covid waves with lots of cancellations were challenging.

Kelly: Yes, that’s so true. Being a business owner and practitioner/owner presented challenges in the last two years of the pandemic but losing my mother this year was very hard for me. The kindness shown by family, friends, staff & clients was very touching and so appreciated.

Bernie: So sorry for your loss Kelly. What would you say your word or phrase to sum up 2022?

Kelly:     Kindness Matters.

Hae-UkEvery Storm Runs out of Rain.

Amelia: My word is Clarity.

Alice: For me – Keeping on your toes!

Jana: My word is Victory.

Hae-Uk: What’s yours, Bernie? 

Bernie: Create.

Hae-Uk: A good one!

Bernie: All great words and phrases. So, looking ahead to 2023, what are your hopes for the year ahead?

Hae-Uk: Continue with the strength of our team. Wishing for one more experienced practitioner to join us. And, most importantly, enjoy life as it presents.

Alice: My hopes for 2023 are that I can continue to learn new information whilst working in some amazing clinics. And that I can continue to grow and develop personally and professionally.

Jana: I expect to start looking into continuing my professional career, either by studying something related to it or finding a job that would teach me what I need. In a more general way, I hope people can be more respectful and understanding to each other.

Amelia: My hopes are health, well-being, happiness, growth and contribution.

Bernie: And Kelly? What are your hopes for 2023?

Kelly: As Sandra Bullock said in Miss Congeniality… “World Peace”

Bernie: Excellent! Thank you, everyone, for the chat. All the best for a wonderful Festive Season, and best wishes for 2023, where all those hopes and dreams come true. 


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