Completion of Advanced Methods of Nagano Style Japanese Acupuncture from the 20th – 24th February

Japanese Acupunture training

This February will be an exciting time at Ondol Clinic. Our acupuncture teacher/master from Japan, Tsuyoshi Shimamura Sensei and his fabulous translator, Seishiro Hokazano, will conduct this last training module of our 4-year postgraduate training program in Nagano style acupuncture, here in Brisbane.

The goal is very ambitious, with over 400 clients from all over the city are invited to attend the seminar as patients. Over four full days, around 25 practitioners, who have followed the training continuously, will be tirelessly treating conditions from a broad spectrum of diseases and dysfunctions under the supervision of Shimamura Sensei.

Everyone who has been in to see us recently will know we have been recruiting for this upcoming event. A big thank you to everybody volunteering for Kelly, Hae-Uk and even Jim, who has flown in from France just to attend this not to be missed training. To complete the team, Chris, our massage therapist, will also be participating as a volunteer on Friday.

We can’t wait to get started. If you would like to know more or would like to book an appointment, please call us or jump online to book at .

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