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Free-Flow… Go With The Flow With Qi Gong


Free-flow is a term that we use regularly to describe many things and we often have the idea that it is a little vague or even new-age. Yet free-flow is the foundation of our health, happiness and vitality. If we think about it, what does free-flow describe? Movement that is unencumbered by obstructions, distractions and limitations. Isn’t this what we are searching for in our health? The freedom of unobstructed energy and vitality, the release of blockages and limitations that restrict our thoughts, emotions and movements and the smoothness of an efficient physiology that supports our health.

Oriental Medicine is an entire health system that has been developed to promote free-flow. We say that where the Mind goes, Qi (energy) flows and health grows….so promoting movement is absolutely essential in maintaining optimal health. Movement is much more than just the gross, physical movements that we do each day. Promoting free and fluid respiration, digestion, circulation and emotional expression are just as important as smooth muscular and joint movements. Allowing your Mind to wander, your body to move and your emotions to be expressed will enhance your energy and build your health.

What can you do today that will help encourage this movement? There are many traditional disciplines that help enhance free-flow, including Yoga, meditation, movement and manual therapies and herbal remedies. Another approach used in Oriental Medicine is Qigong. This group of subtle and profound exercises works on all levels of movement and promotes the harmony of the mental, emotional and physical aspects of free-flow. The attached video demonstrates two of these exercises to help revitalise and harmonise your energy and health. Try them out and let us know what you think. They can be practiced at any time of the day.