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It is essential to have healthy happy children. According to East Asian medicine Children from infant up to the age of seven years have not yet fully developed a Meridian system with all acupuncture points that adults have. Therefore, the treatment of children is conducted differently from the treatment of adults.

Shonishin is a gentle, mostly non-insertion style of acupuncture used to treat babies, toddlers, small children, but also to treat older or sensitive children before puberty. Shonishin is a Japanese term and means ‘Children’s needle therapy’.

The treatment involves non-insertion methods with special tools to rub, stroke, press and tap along the meridians to harmonise the distribution of energy throughout the body. In younger children we concentrate more on the distribution of energy throughout the meridians, rather than focusing on specific acupuncture points.


We apply pain-free techniques which help to harmonise the child’s energy, and often make them feel calm and relaxed. Shonishin is entirely different from what most people would expect of acupuncture, yet these subtle techniques can have very profound effects. Typically, we apply tools made from gold, silver, copper, bronze, titanium and steel on the child’s skin. Each of the metals has a different effect on the circulation of Blood and Qi (energy) in the body. Sometimes needles are applied for light contact/touch on the surface of the skin, very rarely for actual insertion.

Occasionally, we will use other techniques, such as light moxibustion (herbal heat treatment), to gently warm certain areas of the body.

This 250-year-old Japanese method effectively combines traditional East Asian techniques with a gentle style of massage.


Specific diagnostic methods are used to assess the child, allowing for the difficulties in communicating effectively with infants and young children. The treatment techniques are light, subtle and some of them are easy to learn. We will often demonstrate simple practices for parents to apply as home treatments to their children, which gives them a definite sense of participating directly and bonding with their child.

Along with Shonishin, we will occasionally use Chinese herbal medicine and nutritional supplements, which have also been developed specifically for children.
For further questions regarding your child’s specific health concern, please contact us directly.

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