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A Healthy Digestion is the Foundation to Optimal Health

According to East Asian medicine, the digestive system is the foundation of our health and the production centre for what we call Post-natal Qi. Qi exists as pre- and post-natal energy. Pre-natal Qi refers to our inherited energy while post-natal Qi is related to digestive and in the broader sense to our environmental energy, which includes the air we breathe, the work we do, the emotions we deal with daily. In other words, post-natal Qi is made up of lifestyle factors that have an impact on our wellbeing and on our digestion in particular. If we nurture our post-natal Qi we can have a positive impact on our genetic or pre-natal energy. This ancient concept appears to be particularly interesting in the light of Epigenetics and its influence on gene expression, which have been extensively researched in recent years.

According to the East Asian medical concept, the Spleen and Stomach energy rule the centre of our digestive system. They possess the vital role of transforming our food and fluids into Qi and Blood to nourish our body, mind and spirit. If any imbalances occur within this energy system, such as poor absorption of nutrients, we may compromise our health critically.

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East Asian medicine has always put greatest emphasis on digestive health being pivotal to the functioning of all other organ systems. In recent years Western research seems to be coming to the same conclusion with more and more focus on the importance of gut health and immunity.

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