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Building a Strong Immune System

The strength of our immune system is a good indication of our overall health. There are many important factors which contribute to its vitality. In Oriental medicine, it is believed that the vital energy that is responsible for protecting the body from environmental disturbances belongs to the Defensive Qi. This Qi has a very close connection to the strength of the Lung energy.

It maintains the integrity of the bodily elements that come into contact with the outside world: skin, the lining of the respiratory system, the lining of the gut and the eyes.

Immune System Deficiencies



When the vital energy becomes weakened or ‘deficient’, foreign substances are allowed to penetrate the body’s barriers, resulting in a series of natural responses that attempt to expel the invading environmental factors.

  • Recurrent cold
  • Allergic Rhinitis
  • Asthma
  • Fatigue due to cancer
  • Nausea due to chemotherapy
Recurrent colds or prolonged respiratory infections show a weakness in Defensive Qi and Lung Qi, which is also significantly weakened in cancer patients undergoing treatments. Health solutions are tailored to strengthen those energies in order to boost our immune system and make it strong to deal with those external factors.


oriental herbs

The role of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is to improve the strength and circulation of Qi and Blood. There are a number of stages in the process of improving our immunity, depending on which conditions need to be addressed. For acute conditions, such as the common colds or flus, we reinforce the strength of the Defensive Qi to eliminate the external pathogen.

Another important factor that can impact our immune system is our emotional and psychological health. In Oriental medicine there is no separation between the emotions, mental and physical health. Mind and body are one. Any imbalance, emotional, physical or environmental that continues over an extended period will have a negative impact on our health.

These imbalances may affect the strength of our immune system. Vice versa, a weakened immune system may lead to emotional or psychological imbalances.

For example, the Lung energy in Oriental medicine is closely linked to the emotions of sadness and grief, which may explain why people often suffer from a severe cold when they encounter a difficult loss.

General maintenance treatments with acupuncture as well as Oriental herbs, especially in times of seasonal change, are important to ensure the continuing benefit to the immune system.

For more chronic conditions, we focus on eliminating internal pathogens. According to The Acupuncture Evidence Project (AEP) (revised version 2017) there is positive evidence that acupuncture does improve allergic rhinitis, both seasonal and ongoing.

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