Liver energy: 3 Tips Find Balance & Manage stress

Liver Energy – 3 Tips To Find Balance

Exercise! The best way to provide free flow of Liver energy is to move your body. It doesn’t need to be strenuous, doesn’t need to be long. Walking regularly (20 to 30 min 3 times a week) is a fantastic method to keep body and mind balanced. What better time is there than Spring to start walking?

Liver energy is said to open into the eyes. With our daily exposure to increased electro smog via computers, mobile phones and TVs our nervous system and eyes become increasingly drained and our Liver energy is getting dangerously zapped. As a result we experience amongst other factors tired and dry eyes. Keeping one room in the house electronic device free is helpful to regenerate energy. The bedroom, the space to sleep and rest, is the best place to remove computer equipment and mobile phones. If you can’t separate from your phone at least switch it onto aeroplane mode at night. Surprise, surprise sleep might improve.
Liver energy is linked to spring, the colour green and to the flavour sour. In spring we naturally eat less, cleanse our body of the fats and heavy foods of winter. This is a good time for a Liver detox. The diet should be the lightest of the year with lots of fresh greens and fresh food.

Moderately pungent foods, spices and herbs stimulate the Liver energy out of stagnant flow. Eat watercress, tumeric, basil, cardamon, cumin, fennel, ginger, rosemary, various mints and black pepper.

Apple cider vinegar as a sour liquid provides one of the best remedies to quickly remove Liver Qi stagnation and therefore combat indigestion and depression. One tablespoon of vinegar in warm water first thing in the morning is the best start into the day.

Give these tips a try over the coming weeks. Maybe post a comment to let us know how you’re going.

The Ondol Team

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