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At Ondol Clinic, we offer Naturopathy as one of our services as a comprehensive and holistic approach to health and wellness. Our highly qualified Naturopath, Alisha Bennett, is dedicated to empowering individuals in their journey towards optimal wellbeing. 

What is Naturopathy?


Naturopathy is an holistic approach to healthcare that focuses on supporting the body’s innate ability to heal and maintain optimal wellbeing.

Naturopathy utilises evidence-based natural therapies, including herbal medicine, nutritional guidance, lifestyle modifications, and mind-body techniques, to address a wide range of health concerns. By focusing on the root causes of imbalances, the treatment aims to support the body’s innate healing abilities and promote long-term health.

Alisha works closely with individuals to create personalised treatment plans that take into account their unique needs and goals. Whether it’s managing chronic conditions, supporting immune function, optimising digestion, balancing hormones, or improving mental well-being, Naturopathy can be a valuable addition to your healthcare journey.

Conditions that may benefit from Naturopathy include, but are not limited to:

With a focus on education and empowerment, our Naturopath, Alisha, provides guidance and support to help individuals make informed decisions about their health. By integrating natural therapies into a comprehensive treatment plan, we strive to enhance overall wellbeing and promote sustainable health for our clients.

Please note that while Naturopathy can complement conventional medical care, it is important to consult with qualified healthcare professionals for a comprehensive approach to your health needs.


For further questions regarding you individual health concerns please contact us directly. 

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