November Cyberscan Seminar | Ondol Oriental Medicine Clinic

November Cyberscan Seminar

At the beginning of November Hae-Uk attended a CyberScan seminar with the inventor of the biofeedback device, Dieter Kehren from Germany. Lots of new topics were discussed with new updates in the software and database of the comprehensive device. The new treatment options, centred around the recently developed electromagnetic card (EE card Plus), were discussed. The new card is able to collect and transfer all patient relevant signals and can be conveniently carried on skin or pocket to check body imbalances in the system. The Cyberscan is advancing in its features and capabilities to make it an exciting treatment option for clients!

Various dysfunctions and possible treatment protocols were also discussed in the group such as asthma, thyroid issues, migraines, menopause and hormonal imbalances, gut problems, chronic stress and environmental toxins. These are some of the most common issues that are presented to us in the clinic.

It is worthwhile checking out what the CyberScan device may be able to do for you. It is a fascinating and complex device that can provide interesting insights into what is happening in your body. Want to know more?

For appointments and questions please call us at Ondol.

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