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November News – Hae-Uk’s Adventure!

Hae-Uk went on a great adventure in October and attended a week long meditation retreat on the Sunshine Coast. It was conducted by renowned Dr. Joe Dispenza, a researcher in neuroscience and cellular biology, and international lecturer and meditation teacher.
720 participants from all over the world came together to join forces in elevating their energy around them and to leap into the world of quantum physics of unknown possibilities.

In his lectures during the week Dr. Joe spoke about brain and heart coherence.
Science has shown that the rhythm of our heart beat affects how we think and feel. If we learn to shift our heart rhythm we can increase our emotional state and clarity of thinking. We learnt that coherence is measured through the heart rate variability (HRV), which allows us to observe the quality of communication between the heart and brain and its direct impact on how we feel and perform.
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On a practical level participants had to challenge themselves with the fears that hold them back. One of the daunting tasks was to climb up a 30 metre pole, stand on top of the small landing and then jump off into the air and thereby hit a ball dangling from a tree. Talk about trust in the unknown and trust in your harness! Believe me, it provoked very sweaty hands and extra heart beats to overcome the fear, but what a worthwhile experience! The oldest participant of this challenge was 82 and mastered the jump!
Walking meditations at sunrise on the beach were another highlight of the retreat. Imagine 720 people standing and walking around at the same time, this would have been a quite interesting sight for any onlooker passing by. Not what you expect at 5 am in the morning when you walk your dog.
The retreat was an uplifting experience on many levels, a place where you were able to explore and test your own boundaries and limiting beliefs in a safe- and I might add- beautiful environment.

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