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November News With Kelly

Hippocrates said ‘Healing is a matter of time, but is sometimes also a matter of opportunity’.

Last week Kelly had the opportunity to spend 6 days in (cold) Melbourne studying AiM (Anatomy in Motion) with Gary Ward from the UK. The seminar brought a diverse range of practitioners from all over Australia together. Amongst them were physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, doctors, personal trainers, chiropractors, osteopaths, massage therapists and a few acupuncturists.

Gary liked using the term ‘WTF’…standing for ‘What the Foot’, which is also the title of his comprehensive book on the body’s biomechanics. Gary points out that our feet play an essential role in the relationship to the rest of our body. How we walk, move, how our muscles respond or react, all can be related back to movements in our feet. The specific movements of the joints and bones in the feet reveal to us the imbalances in the biomechanics of our muscular skeletal system. Kelly had to refresh her knowledge in anatomy, learning about the 33 joints & 26 bones in each foot, a strenuous undertaking for the brain…

She learnt that examining our gait can give us valuable insights into our muscular skeletal aches and pains of the whole body. According to Gary ‘joints act, muscles react’, meaning the movement or lack of movement in the joints and bones of our feet have a strong impact on the movement and restrictions in the muscles throughout our body.
By looking at the pronation (walking with weight on the inside edge of the feet) or supination (walking with weight on the outside of the feet) the practitioner is able to assess where pressure is placed on the foot and where problems might occur in the muscular skeletal system stemming from the specific pressure.

During the training Kelly learnt how to analyse the gait of a person and to gage its impact on the body for muscles and joints but also for the lymphatic, circulatory and nervous system as a flow-on-effect . Educating the body to move more freely will therefore not only result in a positive effect on the muscular skeletal system but also on our sleep, digestion and stress levels.

Kelly was also trained to teach people simple exercises to apply at home to re-align feet and body for better health, pain reduction and a sense of rebalance.

Make an appointment to check it out. Kelly is eager to share her new knowledge with our clients.

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