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October With Ondol

October has been a very busy month for Team Ondol!

We have launched a new website! Thanks to our dedicated website builder, Damien Kloot from the company ‘We build Ideas’, we have now a very user friendly and pretty new design. It contains some modern additions like ‘online booking’ and ‘interactive patient form’ that will make certain processes much easier.

At the beginning of October Kelly and Hae-Uk joined forces with integrative pharmacist Mary-louise Condon and her team of The Compounding Lab, who hosted their ‘Clean Food Fast Program’, introducing the advantages of intermittent fasting and detoxification to an information hungry audience.
Hae-Uk gave a talk about the process of detoxification from an Oriental perspective. She demonstrated how Liver energy (stress) and Spleen energy (gut) are intimately linked with each other and how people can be supported, when going through a detox. (If you would like to learn more, check out our health articles on Stress management). The evening was a great success with over 80 people attending.

Sue has been busy delving more into the practice of Japanese style acupuncture since she attended a seminar with eminent master Ikeda Masakazu on the Gold Coast in late August. Sue has also been receiving regular in house mentoring from Kelly and Hae-Uk to refine her skills. She is available for acupuncture treatments Fridays and Saturdays.

Chris, our Remedial massage therapist and newest kid on the block, will be extending his working hours from the last week of October at our clinic. He will be available Tuesdays and Fridays including after hours for everybody in need for some relaxation of ‘muscles and mind’.

Kelly is off to the Gold Coast on the 15th of October to attend a women’s business seminar with well-known entrepreneur and business coach Christina Guidotti. Christina will share her vast knowledge and experience of creating the right mindset to build a successful value-oriented business and a balanced healthy life at the same time. You can have it all!

Finally, Hae-Uk will attend a week long meditation retreat on the Sunshine Coast, conducted by scientist and international lecturer Dr. Joe Dispenza. She can’t wait to get hands on introduction into the exciting realm of quantum physics, where everything is possible.

This is October covered!

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