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Ondol Healing Garden

The Power Of A Healing Garden

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Healing gardens have been in existence for hundreds of years. Many studies show that a well-designed garden can reduce stress and promote a sense of wellbeing. This leads to measurable psychological, physiological, and behavioural benefits, such as reduced anxiety, sadness and other negative moods, lower blood pressure and improved immune functioning.

About The Ondol Garden

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The opportunity to create such a space at Ondol Clinic has been made possible due to a Queensland Government grant for small businesses affected by COVID-19. The funding enabled us to transform our under-utilised yard at the rear of the clinic into a tranquil, fragrant and sensory healing garden. This project will bring a wonderful new dimension to the clinic space. In spring you will notice a lot of yellow and purple in the plants, reflecting both light hearted energy as well as calm.

About The Plants

Our garden, featuring a beautiful white Frangipani tree, consists of a potpourri of colourful plants. They are native, Asian or of subtropical origin, blending in nicely to create a peaceful, relaxing space. For the garden lovers amongst us, here is a closer look at some of our selected plants:

Before & During The Garden Build

Ondol Healing Garden Completed

Garden Close-Ups

The healing garden will be a place to escape isolation, relax, contemplate, reflect and reconnect. There will be spaces for people to “just be” in a patch of nature, with appropriate social distancing, before their appointments, or afterwards to chill out and maximise the benefits of the treatment before returning to the busy world. We also hope to provide a wisteria-covered grassed area for group classes such as yoga, tai chi, qi gong or other activities.

Enjoy Before Or After Your Appointment

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So next time you are at Ondol Clinic, take some time out to visit this special space, and if you have any ideas to share about what you would like to see included, please let us know. We see the garden as an evolving and dynamic project and cherish your input to make it a garden for you.

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