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Qigong Classes Toowong


Qigong in the Ondol Garden

We now offer outdoor Qigong classes in our beautiful healing garden at the back of the clinic. And as much as we love practising here, nature often has other plans so we have a lovely back up indoor venue not far from the clinic. Qigong instructor Amelia Downie holds group classes.

Qigong Classes are suitable for all. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring your own yoga mat and cushion. Parking is available at the back of the clinic.  

Please email Amelia at ameliadownie@gmail.com or call her on 0438 313 730 to inquire about booking in for a class. 

See below the current schedule.

Amelia’s Qualifications
Yuan Gong®Qigong Teacher
Bachelor Science Horticulture  

About Amelia


As a qualified Yuan Gong® Qigong instructor, Amelia is passionate about sharing this practical ancient method to develop greater wellbeing and help resolve pain, fatigue and stress. Through the tools of deep breathing and gentle movements, Qigong activates the part in the nervous system that calms and relaxes (parasympathetic nervous system). The practices can be easily performed in a standing or seated position, generating and utilising our body’s energy, also called Qi in Chinese philosophy. Additional specific mind activities are unique to this form of Qigong. The practices are easy to integrate into daily life, needing little to no equipment and space.

Yuan Gong® is an innovative modern form of Qigong, based on “The Science of Human Life.” It was founded by the Chinese Master Yuan Tze in 2002. His teachings combine ancient Chinese wisdom with Western medical science. The purpose is to help people quickly improve energy and physical health, clarify and focus thought processes, and ultimately open their hearts and consciousness. Today, Yuan Tze and his students have created a thriving global non-profit organisation and a resourceful and supportive community worldwide.

Amelia’s own experience with chronic pain has led her on the path of becoming a Qi Gong teacher. For years she suffered from hip pain due to an underlying hypermobility condition. A long journey of numerous conventional and natural therapies followed, trying to alleviate her debilitating symptoms. After various conservative procedures, surgeries, and still years of limited mobility and emotional roller coasters, she finally discovered Yuan Gong® Qigong six years ago. It was love at first sight; the practices resonated with Amelia from the start, and the calming effects were immediate. For the first time in years, she felt safe to move her body freely without causing her pain.   

Since then, Amelia has immersed herself in Qigong, undergoing teacher training under Yuan Tze at numerous retreats in New Zealand and the USA. Having worked in Landscape Architecture and Design for most of her career, Amelia has always loved beautiful natural environments. She was immediately drawn to the peaceful setting of the Ondol Garden, and now she can bring her skills of Qi Gong into this space. 

She is looking forward to offering her classes to anybody who wants to increase wellbeing and happiness. 

According to Amelia, “Qi Gong is a self-healing practice that uses gentle movements, mind activities and breath to catalyse positive changes to health and life”.


Class Schedule

Saturdays – 7:45am to 8:45am

private classes available by appointment only

For more information please email Amelia at info@ondol.com.au