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Yoga Classes Toowong

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Yoga In The Ondol Garden

We offer outdoor yoga classes in our beautiful healing garden, at the back of the clinic. Group classes are held by yoga instructor Annie Keys. Up to 10 people can be comfortably accommodated with the rules of social distancing.

During the winter, Annie will be offering classes by appointment onlyPlease give us a call on 07 3371 0100 to book your class. 

Annie’s Qualifications
Accredited Yoga Teacher
Cert. III in Fitness
BSc Zoology & Marine Biology
MSc Tropical Coral Reef Ecology

Annie’s Professional Associations
Member of Yoga Australia Pty Ltd

About Annie


Annie is a qualified yoga instructor who is deeply passionate about the many benefits of this practice to both mind and body. 

In her youth, she engaged in high energy forms of exercise – surfing, skateboarding, running, aerobics, kickboxing and especially martial arts. Annie trained intensively in Aikido and Karate. She also became an aerobics fitness instructor at James Cook University in Townsville, where she studied. 

Annie completed her Bachelor of Science in 1983 and several years later her Masters of Science in Tropical Reef Ecology. In 1999 she moved to Botswana for two years with her family and worked as a gym instructor in Maun. 

Although her mother was a yoga instructor, it wasn’t until Annie herself experienced chronic back pain and realised the power of this practice for her own healing. Through both her training and her own life experience, Annie came to develop a strong understanding of Yoga’s deeper benefits. It felt right for her to undertake a Yoga Teacher training and delve into the wisdom of this ancient way of life. Since then she has been teaching students in gyms and studios all over Brisbane. She herself is the owner of two gyms. 

Annie supports her students to accept where their minds and bodies “are at”. She believes Yoga is about understanding the perfect balance between effort and ease, and the recognition of ego. 

According to Annie, “Yoga itself is the teacher. The gradual awakening to its benefits is addictive. Start slow, stay slow, keep breathing and enjoy the journey”.


Class Schedule

Currently, due to the cold mornings, Annie is offering the Yoga classes by appointment only.

To book your class, give us a call on 07 3371 0100.


* Please note: classes will run subject to weather – we will have to reschedule your class in the case of wet weather as it is outdoors. We will contact you if this is the case *

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