Ondol News – March

Chinese Medicine Team Toowong

What an amazing seminar Kelly and Hae-Uk attended last week! The final module of four-years training finished with a bang. It was an ambitious project of their Japanese teacher, Shimamura sensei, to treat as many people as possible to consolidate all their skills and knowledge over the past years. 

Over 450 patients of all ages were recruited and treated within three days. The spirits were high for patient and practitioners alike when they got to work. All kinds of issues were presented, from muscular-skeletal problems to immune conditions, chronic tiredness, infertility, digestive discomfort as well as anxiety and stress.

Part of the learning process was to treat each other blindfolded to trust solely our sense of touch when diagnosing and needling, an unforgettable experience. It should be a regular practice for every acupuncturist.

The learning was infused with everybody’s passion and the moral values of Shimamura sensei, who considers the open and loving heart of the practitioner as the essential key to provide excellent treatment.

He said even if you have a bent needle you can still give a beautiful treatment if your heart is in the right place. However, if your heart is closed even the best needle (equipment) won’t benefit the patient. This is the spirit we love to work with!

So, come and see us, we are ready for you with our hearts wide open and ‘straight’ needles… Book now!

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