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March Clinic Update: COVID-19

March Clinic Update: With the recent government announcements, we as the Ondol team would like to inform you about our trading status. As most of you probably know, East Asian medicine is a registered profession. It is regarded as an allied health profession by the Federal Government. Allied health is considered to be a primary health care service and thus serving an essential need. We will continue to have our consultations as usual and maintain our hygiene practises to the highest standard as per protocol. 

However, if you are immune-compromised, we would advise you to stay at home for your safety. We do ask that if you have signs or symptoms of a cold or flu, or have just returned from overseas, or if you fulfil any other criteria for COVID-19 that you cancel your appointment with us. We have a few options available in this case in order for us to continue to support you.

As mentioned in our previous email, we offer phone consultations with pick up possibility outside our clinic for Chinese herbs and supplements as per arrangement. This can now be booked online or with our receptionist. Depending on the patient, we may prescribe Chinese herbal medicine or nutraceutical supplements. We can then take your payment over the phone and let you know where the medicine has been left for your collection.

If you require a repeat of your regular supplements from our various suppliers such as Metagenics, BioMedica, MedLab and others, we can set you up with an online patient ordering account through the company That way we will be able to order the supplements yourself with our prescription. They will be directly delivered to your home. Please ask us for the setup procedures.  

We understand some of you may be feeling uncertain or overwhelmed during this extraordinarily unsettling time.

In times like these it is even more important to do your best to maintain focus and clarity. One way to stay calm in the midst of chaos is to keep a routine as much as possible. Try to make the most of your time when you are off your devices.

Do your best to practise a regular breathing technique or/and meditation. Even if it’s just stopping to take a few deep breaths throughout the day. One app that may be helpful with this is Insight Timer.

A few more health tips from us would be to:

  1. Gargle salt water a few times a day
  2. Drink warm beverages regularly
  3. Take a mental break from the news – limit viewing to two times per day
  4. Online exercise each day for people at home. We recommend Zach Bush’s 4-minute workout on YouTube – – as part of your routine.

That’s it for our March Clinic Update – Contact us if you have any questions.


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