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What Is Our Story?


Kelly and Hae-Uk began their path into East Asian medicine over two decades ago. Kelly had been a nurse, later venturing into paediatrics caring for babies and toddlers at the Mater hospital in Brisbane. Even then, she wondered how the immune system of the little ones could be improved to promote a faster and more sustained recovery.

Hae-Uk worked as a doctor of internal medicine in a hospital in Berlin, dealing with the ins and outs of chronic diseases. Plagued by frustration in treating chronic conditions with Western medicine she started looking for alternative possibilities. She finally decided to take a year’s leave and travel to China to learn about Chinese medicine.

Kelly and Hae-Uk met at a teaching hospital for acupuncture and Chinese herbs in Hangzhou, where they studied together and realised they were kindred spirits.

For both, East Asian medicine offered a way of moving away from the conventional method of disease management into an holistic approach of pursuing health with lifestyle and energy medicine. They both wanted to see patients thrive rather than survive and empower them to take health into their own hands. The alluring promise of perpetual sunshine made it easy for Hae-Uk to move to Queensland. With this, they planted the seed of Ondol Oriental Medicine Clinic. After working several years at various locations in Brisbane, Kelly and Hae-Uk moved into their current premises at Toowong in 2011, which became the place they could call their home.


Mission Statement


At Ondol we believe, given the right environment, the body has the ability to heal. We have created a space where people immediately feel welcomed and relaxed.

Our mission is to empower people to live a healthy and conscious life.

About Our Name

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Ondol’ is a Korean term meaning warm stone, which echoes the therapeutic effects of East Asian medicine.

The body is warmed, nourished and brought into energetic balance through the practice of acupuncture and moxibustion.

The art of East Asian medicine has been developed, documented and refined for over 2,000 years. It is a complete medical health system, treating a wide range of conditions and providing an essential preventative approach to health care.

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