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Alisha Bennett

Alisha Bennett

Alisha Bennett


Registered Naturopathic Practitioner


Bachelor – Health Science (Naturopathy)

Professional Associations

Australian Natural Therapies Association



Alisha is a diligent and inquisitive naturopathic practitioner with a strong commitment to addressing the root causes of illnesses. With a family background in naturopathy, psychology, and nursing, her career choice in healthcare was a natural progression. 

Alisha holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree in Naturopathy from Endeavour College of Natural Health, demonstrating her dedication to education and professional development. She continuously seeks to enhance her skills through functional testing analysis, enabling her to provide comprehensive and personalised care to her clients.

With a particular focus on gut dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, and overall health issues, Alisha has cultivated a profound passion for these areas during her professional journey. By leveraging functional testing, nutritional requirements, and evidence-based treatments, she delivers beneficial services to our valued clients at Ondol Clinic.

As a professional member of the Australian Natural Therapies Association, Alisha upholds the highest standards of ethical practice and ensures that her clients receive optimal care tailored to their unique needs. Committed to holistic healing and long-term wellness, she is dedicated to empowering individuals on their health journey and assisting them in achieving vibrant, balanced lives.

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