Private Health Fund Changes In Natural Medicine Australia 2019

Private Health Fund Changes In Natural Medicine Australia 2019

Acupuncture Health Funds Australia

What Do The Changes Mean For The Clients Of Ondol?

The hot topic in recent months has been the impact of private health fund changes to our industry! As you all know, from April 1 this year, private health insurance policies were modified. The hardest hit areas were natural therapies. Under the review by the Federal Government, 16 natural therapies were removed from the definition of ‘private health insurance general treatments’*.

Never fear…remedial massage, myotherapy, acupuncture and Chinese medicine are not affected by these reforms. You still can claim through your health fund provider**.

Ondol And AHPRA

Equally good news, Ondol Clinic is a member of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Since 2012, AHPRA has been nationally regulating acupuncture and Chinese medicine. This membership helps to protect not only our industry but also our patients!

AHPRA is responsible for monitoring medical doctors, nurses, midwives, physiotherapists and other health professionals. By closely monitoring their members, AHPRA ensures that patients are provided with the best and safest possible care.

Just as you would search for a registered builder to renovate your home, searching for an AHPRA registered practitioner will give you peace of mind knowing that to be a member, we are bound by strict guidelines and regulations (for more information).

What Does This Mean?

Simply put, being a member of AHPRA protects us from the recent changes. It means AHPRA recognises the therapeutic benefits of therapies such as acupuncture and remedial massage. It also means you can continue to claim a refund through your private health provider.

Contact Us For More Information.

So, whether you have started thinking about Oriental medicine as an alternative treatment solution, or if it is already a part of maintaining balance and harmony in your body, rest assured we at Ondol are committed to providing you with the best possible variety of solutions. With over 2000 years of documentation, Chinese physicians have addressed a broad range of symptoms and conditions which may not all be listed on our website.

If you’re unsure whether Oriental medicine is suitable for your particular health concern, please contact us directly to discuss.

** Please refer to your Private Health Insurance Provider for more details on what is now included/excluded since the reform.


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  1. The Which Doctor

    This write-up is beneficial for people living in Australia because it specifies changes brought about in natural medicine by the private health fund. Apart from specifying how exactly the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) can help, the author informed individuals that they can present claims even after undertaking acupuncture, myotherapy, remedial massage, etc.

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