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Do you want more​ Energy, Focus & Free-Flow in MovementJim Bermingham has been practicing  Qigong and Taiji for over 20 years.   

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Taiji derived from Chinese Martial Arts and is a sequence of specific movements which particularly help to strengthen the muscles, joints, bones and connective tissues by utilizing the meridian system of our body.  Like Qigong, the physical movements are coordinated with our breath and mindful awareness for  any restrictions within the body. The smoothness of moving from one position to the next is seen as the expression of unhindered Qi circulating through us, hence creating an overall sense of relaxation and calm.  Ideally, all movements are performed fluidly devoid of obstructions or tensions. By concentrating our mind on particular movements, we become aware of any areas of weakness, tension or imbalances. This knowledge empowers us to strengthen or release these areas, creating a more balanced and harmonious body and mind.

 Jim Birmingham is an AHPRA registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist who has been practicing martial arts for over twenty-five years and Taiji/Qigong since 1997. He has had the opportunity to study and teach in Australia and Europe during this time and continues to share his knowledge and training with his clients in private practice.

Jim Bermingham is on sabbatical for 2018, Taichi classes will resume at Ondol Clinic in 2019

​​​​ Ondol Clinic Location: 129 Sylvan Road, Toowong, Q 4066 | Phone: (07) 3371 0100 | Website: www.ondol.com.au | Ondol Oriental Medicine Clinic © 2015 | Designed by Roz Stokes Design

A healthy lifestyle has always been considered to be essential in Oriental Medicine. Part of this lifestyle is exercise and movement. Many exercise systems have been developed in the East over the centuries such as Taiji, Qigong, Dao Yin and Kung Fu. Rather than placing a strong emphasis on physical strength and cardiovascular fitness, as we commonly do in the West, these disciplines focus on building and circulating Qi by coordinating movement with breathing and mindful awareness. Physical strength and fitness develop consecutively.

can be roughly translated as ‘Energy Work’.  Strong emphasis is placed on ‘feeling’ the body, detecting its imbalances, tensions and restrictions. Once we have an awareness of these imbalances, we are able to release them and then nourish these areas with our breath and Qi. Over time we build our strength and vitality, creating an overall sense of wellbeing, relaxation and concentration. The techniques of  Qigong  are smooth movements to balance the meridian system, standing postures to strengthen the circulation of Qi and to concentrate the mind as well as visualizations to help nourish and harmonise the internal organs.

Qigong & Taiji (Taichi) 

Qigong & Taichi