Surplus - When Will We Return? | Ondol Oriental Medical Clinic

Returning To Surplus


The national budget has just been handed down, and all the talk of deficits and national debt has me thinking. It seems we are in the red to the tune of $18.2 billion this financial year. The treasurer assures us that it is all under control and we will be back in surplus in 2020-21. There is a plan. We may or may not get there in the timeframe, but there is, apparently, a plan.

So, what if we thought about our own energy levels in the same terms – of deficits and credits. How far in the black or red do you think you might be? What if we keep drawing down on our own energy, over and over, without replenishing or “paying off the debt”?

We are all living such busy lives and feel as though we have no time to stop and recharge. But are we really time poor, or energy poor? What do we choose to find time for at the expense of our own physical and mental wellbeing? How are we spending our energy and do we have a plan in place to help ourselves return to surplus? Some “spending”, of course, is non-negotiable, like caring for our children and working to pay the bills. But we also need a plan in place to get ourselves out of our “energy credit crisis”. These thoughts tie in well with the Oriental medical approach.

In Oriental Medicine the Kidney energy is considered to be our life force, our pre-natal energy we bring into this world. This life force gets used up with age. It is like our ‘money in the bank,’ so to speak. If we withdraw all the time, our account runs empty. However, we are able to make deposits to ensure there’s enough available to ensure we live a good and healthy life. Those deposits are the recharges we incorporate into our lives on a regular basis.

Recharges can be all sorts of things. Making time is the first step to returning to surplus. For some people it is being in nature, going for walks (with a dog or without), having a cup of tea and enjoying it without looking at a device, spending 15 minutes of ‘me-time’ in the morning before anybody else is awake with something that is just for you, meditating, setting a positive intention for the day, having a regular body treatment, the list goes on.

Think about what relaxes you, what recharges you and start making your deposits to avoid any energy credit crisis.