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Spring Forward With Our Health Tips!

Spring Health Tips

Spring is in full bloom! The transformation from Winter to Spring is the transformation from Yin to ascending Yang in Oriental medicine. As nature changes, so do we. We are ready to come out of our hibernation and become more active, physically and mentally. Hence, we often feel inclined for a Spring clean to let the old energy go and welcome the fresh energy of more sunshine and new beginnings. We feel generally lighter and often happier. In Oriental medicine Spring is associated with the Liver energy, which wants to move outwards and expand like a tree with new leaves and blossoms during the new season.

The climactic factor associated with Spring is Wind. It moves by nature and is unstable and unpredictable. We all know how ratty children can become when they are exposed to strong wind. The moving nature of Wind externally can create equally movement internally in our body and mind making us prone to restlessness and agitation. Wind also can attack our so called Defense Qi, meaning our immune system, leading to symptoms of a common cold. We have lately seen a lot of clients coming into the clinic with raging sore throats and runny noses.
To eat in accordance with the energies of Spring, we need to eat foods that support the free and upward movement of Qi, support the Liver and eliminate Wind.

The foods, which are conducive to support the Liver energy, are:

Beetroot, buckwheat, celery, cabbage, carrot, cherries, fennel, green tea, legumes, mint, peas, rice, shitake mushrooms, spinach, spring onions, sprouted foods, sunflower seeds and sweet potato.

Best to eat these vegetables lightly cooked or steamed.

Herbs and spices, such as a little garlic and ginger, as well as bay leaf, black pepper, dill, oregano and rosemary are a wonderful way to bring seasonal flavour into our food.

It is best to keep alcohol and excessively oily foods to a minimum in Springtime to assure that our Liver energy does not become excessive. It is no accident that people like to undergo a detox in Springtime to clean out their system and renew it with fresh healthy energy.

If you would like to help yourself along to get into healthy shape, book in for some regular acupuncture sessions to support your immune system and an easy transition into the new season.

For any questions or to book a treatment please call us at Ondol Clinic. We look forward to seeing you!

Happy Spring and new beginnings,

The Ondol Team.


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