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The Benefits Of A Bamboo Stepper For Foot Health

Feet are often so neglected in discussion of health and yet they play such a vital role in the way we carry and move our body through our environment. Almost every household in Japan has a Bamboo stepper (Take Fumi) to open up and massage feet after spending a whole day in shoes. All you need is to step on it and move your feet slowly over the convex surface of the Bamboo. By doing so, your transverse tarsal joints open, you flex your tarsometatarsal joints and strengthen your arches. Often the Bamboo stepper is placed in front of the bathroom sink. That way, you can use it whenever you wash your face, floss your teeth, or apply make-up. Usually, barefoot in the bathroom, it’s easy to acquire the habit of stepping onto the Bamboo whenever you stand at the sink. The constant use of shoes and a sedentary lifestyle in our modern environment results in feet that have weak and tight muscles along with stiff and sore joints. The Bamboo stepper is a simple way to provide stimulation to our feet in a controlled way, massaging and mobilising the muscles and joints, and relieving pain/tension. Here at Ondol, we sourced the material locally and got them made by hand as a labour of love. If you are interested in purchasing a Bamboo stepper and find out more about it, please give us a call.


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