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The Power Of One

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We all want to make so many changes to live a life that is healthier and happier.

Often, we don’t succeed because we take on too many challenges at once. We decide to exercise every day, quit alcohol, try that new diet, meditate…

It becomes overwhelming and all too soon we go back to our bad habits.

But then, there is power in one

Look at 2020 (if you dare!). Who could have predicted one thing would have such a far-reaching effect on so many areas of our lives? One virus took a hold and spread, impacting the lives of millions of people across the globe. The loss of life, the economic impact, the social disruption, the limiting of travel, the working from home, the consequential mental health issues – the list goes on. And the flow-on effect is huge.

As human beings, we are so resilient, even to something this devastating. We have adjusted and yet we are all shell-shocked.

At Ondol Clinic, we are seeing the evidence in our clients. So many are seeking treatment for stress related conditions including:

We all react to stress in different ways. For some, it may be sitting on the couch and binge-watching Netflix and/or binge eating. For others, the desire to take control of the situation may lead to over-exercising, and putting strain on our bodies as a result.

But doing one thing for yourself in a positive way can also have a domino effect. 

Recently Kelly started regular rowing at the gym. She is feeling stronger and the endorphins are flowing, and this is one thing that she is pursuing four days a week.

Hae-Uk has started a particular breathing technique before meditation to enhance her practice. It focuses particularly on longer exhalations and calms the nervous system. She makes sure she does this for 9 minutes per day, and has already seen a difference.

For Alice, it is clean eating for increasing her energy levels and keeping healthy, which means an emphasis on proteins, wholefoods and lots of vegetables. One thing she gets in her diet is one egg and one apple every day.

Roshelle has been focussing on Pilates as her one go-to exercise, which particularly helped her this year with all the ups and downs of daily life. She became so enthusiastic about it that she enrolled in a Pilates instructor training and has now received a Certificate IV in Pilates.

Natalia taught herself to crochet just before COVID-19 hit and has been honing in on her skills, creating clothing for herself and others. Creativity helps her relax her body and mind. She makes sure that she puts 15 minutes aside every day to crochet. Her last project was a little onesie for a baby shower.

Leo Babuata, who writes for Zen Habits, has some good advice.

“…do one change at a time, for at least a month. Six weeks is better. Then you can focus on one more change, and so on. That’ll be about six to eight changes a year — changes that will stick. They will last much, much longer than ones that you apply thinner focus to. What you’ll find is that this is enough. These little changes will really add up over time, and you’ll end up with major changes in your life after a year or two.”

What is your One Thing? What will you choose that feels manageable, that you feel you will be able to commit to for a month or six weeks? Something that you feel excited and motivated to incorporate into your life. And then, go for it! And watch the flow-on effect into other areas of your life, and into the lives of those around you.

Please leave in the comments what your one thing is, or could be! We’d love to hear from you.


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