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Three Tips To Generate Gratitude

How to be grateful
When you are a health nut, you’re always on the search for new ideas and concepts to improve life and lifestyle. One of the leading doctors on lifestyle medicine is Dr Rangan Chatterjee, a UK-based GP. He became well known for his ground-breaking BBC TV show ‘Doctor in the House’ and his popular Podcast ‘Feel better, Live More’, which I highly recommend to anyone who wants to make effective changes in their lifestyle. 


In his latest book, ‘The Stress Solution’, I read over a chapter on gratitude which caught my attention. Dr Chatterjee aptly describes gratitude as an antidote to our rumination. We are generally so programmed to focus on danger and threats that we miss so many positive things that happen to us every day. 


A daily practice of gratitude is a beautiful way to decrease stress levels. You are possibly familiar with the benefits of writing a gratitude journal. Dr Chatterjee suggests a variation of the theme, which I thought was appealing.

He calls his practice “Gratitude towards the three P’s“.


The three P’s are:





1.    Think of a person you feel grateful towards that day and wish him/her gratitude with all your power and heart (i.e. the lovely Uber driver you had an engaging chat with or the baby who smiled at you beautifully for no apparent reason).

2.    Think of a pleasure you experienced during the day and bring it back to life in your imagination, and flood yourself with gratitude (i.e. the experience of a float tank or the beauty of the Jacarandas in full bloom).

3.    Think about something that happened during the day that held some promise for the future (i.e. buying tickets for the Queen concert or planning your 3-day trip to Byron Bay). 


For real impact it is essential to generate the feelings of joy and excitement as if the future event has already happened to you, and then generate the gratitude towards it. 


Find a regular time, in the morning or even better in the evening before you go to bed and jot these 3 things down. It won’t take long. Unlike scrolling through screens at night time, it can help you to switch off and prepare you for a relaxing, peaceful sleep. 


I challenge you to do it daily for the next three weeks and notice whether it makes a difference in your life. The whole Ondol Team has started with it and is committed to writing down their daily three p’s until the end of the year, curious what it will do to all of us.


Wanna join?


In gratitude,  

The Ondol Team






Chatterjee, R 2018, The Stress Solution, Penguin Random House, United Kingdom


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