'Two Beats Longer' is a new Meditation tip in the Ondol Clinic Blog

‘Two Beats Longer’ – An Easy Meditation


‘Two Beats Longer’ is a simple meditation practice.

I came across a suggestion by Brendon Burchard, a world leading high performance coach and personal development trainer from the USA. He suggests this simple practice to bring more presence, positivity and appreciation into our lives. Try it out!

All you have to do is hold your attention on something positive, beautiful or important just … two… beats… longer.
If you look lovingly at your child or partner, just hold that look just….one…two… beats… longer.
If you notice a beautiful flower, hold that awareness two seconds longer. One… Two…

This simple practice can help to create longer moments of presence and magic in our relationships.

‘Two Beats Longer’ is  an important practice because we’re all in such a hurry these days. And that hurry often makes us irritable, form snap judgements, and miss so many things that matter. Hurry has ruined a lot of relationships and businesses.
Our aim is to drink in the moment, and so we should pause and truly see what is in front of us.
‘Two Beats Longer’ allows us to do that. It is a conscious trick of elongating time, of heightening and deepening our senses to the moment.
So take a few beats as you enjoy the pleasant moments of life with all your senses.

The more senses you bring to the moment, the more time slows, the more a catalogue of joyful vivid memories grows in your mind, the more life is filled with gratitude, and the more nourished our soul.

Awareness is our best weapon against time.

To give this a try you just need to do one thing: Hold the moment just two beats longer…

Life is lived in the extra beats we hold as time unfolds. Just two beats. We can all do that.