What Has Been Happening At Ondol This Season?

What Has Been Happening At Ondol This Season?


A good deal has been happening at Ondol Clinic, and we would like to share the news.

We are excited to announce that Natalia is now the proud Mum of a beautiful baby boy named Alfi. Both are doing very well, and everyone at Ondol welcomes the little guy into the world.

We also welcome two new beautiful receptionists to Ondol – Evie and Chelsea. We are delighted they have joined our team and help to run the clinic smoothly.

20210610 071404
Evie and Chelsea in our garden

On a sadder note, Hae-Uk’s Mum passed away in Germany in March. It was hard for Hae-Uk not to fly over, but she was grateful for FaceTime to be with her until she died peacefully. Hae-Uk will miss her greatly.

In other Ondol Clinic news, everyone seems to be studying! Our practitioners are all life-long learners, constantly seeking to improve their practice and stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

Hae-Uk is continuing her herbal studies and is currently enrolled in an ongoing post-graduate training in Classical Chinese Medicine under renowned Dr Arnaud Versluys.  Relevant topics, such as skin diseases, gynecological dysfunctions and immune system issues, are examined and discussed. Kelly is also undertaking post-graduate studies in KAMPO Japanese Herbal Medicine under Dr Nigel Dawes from the U.S. Nigel is considered one of the world-leading experts in this area of medicine. His expertise focuses on teaching the correlation between abdominal diagnosis and equivalent herbal formula.

Alice is currently enrolled in women’s health, emphasising pregnancy and fertility, which is a particular area of interest for her to further support her clients. She also wants to attend a Facial acupuncture course in Melbourne at the end of June. Hopefully, she is able to fly out.

Roshelle, our Clinical Nutritionist, is close to completing her Naturopathy studies. These studies are supporting her holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle.

Annie continues to take the Yoga Classes in our beautiful garden setting. These are held on Wednesday mornings at 7.30 am and Saturday mornings at 8 am. You can book on our website or call 07 3371 0100.

Yoga 5 copy
Annie’s yoga class

Finally – have you seen our new little community library in the healing garden? If not, come and find a book of interest to borrow. We’d also love you to dig out some of those books on your shelves that you think someone else in our community might enjoy and add them to our collection. Many thanks to the guys from the Men’s Shed at Woolloongabba who built this for us.

This one
Alice enjoying a good book in the garden

As you saw, a lot has been happening at Ondol and we are happy to share the news. Stay warm and stay well!


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  1. Congratulations Kelly on the progress of Ondol. Some exciting things going on with some exciting people. Looking forward to catching up when I am back in the area! Warm regards Pam Read. 🤗

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